Upper or Lower Dentures: Which is Easier to Wear?

When it comes to dentures, the upper set is usually more comfortable and effective than the lower set. This is because the upper denture has the suction support of the tongue to keep it in place, while the lower denture does not. As a result, lower dentures can often be loose and cause pain and discomfort, making it difficult for the patient to speak and eat. Loose dentures can also lead to embarrassing moments and a loss of self-confidence.

The main reason why lower dentures are less stable than upper dentures is due to the shape of the gums on the lower ridge and the movement of the teeth caused by the tongue. To help stabilize and retain your lower dentures, you can ask your prosthodontist about dental implants. Implants can help you chew more efficiently and give you the confidence that your dentures will stay in place. Additionally, using a small amount of denture adhesive (no more than three or four pea-sized touches on each denture) can help stabilize your dentures while you get used to them.

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