What is the Most Comfortable Type of Denture?

Flexible dentures are widely considered to be the most comfortable type of denture available. This is because they are designed to hug the contours of the gum, preventing any bruising or discomfort. Additionally, they can last longer than other types of dentures. When considering which type of denture is best for you, it is important to take into account the location of the missing teeth.

Implant-supported dentures, also known as overdentures, are held in place on the gums by dental implants. The dentist or oral surgeon will first place the implants in the patient's mouth, allowing them time to heal before placing the false teeth on the implants. There are many different types of dentures available and it is essential to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. Initially, dentures may feel uncomfortable as you will experience a feeling of fullness in your mouth.

Immediate dentures are a type of denture that is placed immediately after the patient's teeth have been removed. To ensure maximum comfort, it is advisable to avoid sticky foods as these can get stuck in dentures and cause discoloration and discomfort. One of the most common complaints about traditional dentures is that they are uncomfortable. This is not the case with flexible dentures as they are adjusted to fit the contours of the gum, preventing any bruising or soreness.

Flexible prostheses are much more comfortable than other partial prostheses, as they are made from a lighter and more flexible resin than traditional prostheses. Below are some common tooth loss scenarios and the comfortable dentures that can be used in these situations:

  • Immediate dentures can be used when all teeth need to be replaced.
  • Partial dentures with well-combined colors can be used when some teeth remain.
  • Flexible dentures are ideal for those who are new to this type of replacement teeth.
Flexible dentures are made from high-tech thermoplastic material and do not require any accessories or clips to keep them in place, making them more comfortable and flexible than other types of denture. At first, you may feel some volume in your mouth and it may take a few days or weeks before you become accustomed to wearing partial dentures. In order to keep them fitting comfortably, dental linings may need to be replaced in the future.

Dentures are both comfortable and functional and can be worn all day without any problems.

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