How Often Will Medicare Cover the Cost of Dentures?

The average coinsurance for extensive dental services, such as dentures, is 50% of the total cost. You may have to pay an additional monthly premium to get comprehensive dental coverage. Generally, Medicare beneficiaries are eligible for a new set of dentures every five years. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover dentures or other dental procedures.

However, it will cover the dental services needed for another covered procedure, such as jaw reconstruction after an accidental injury. In most cases, you must pay 100 percent for uncovered dental services, including dentures. Although Original Medicare does not provide coverage for dental care, procedures or supplies, there are still options available to help with the cost of dentures. Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer additional benefits, such as eye, hearing and dental coverage.

While these plans may not fully pay for dentures, even with maximum benefits, they can still involve a co-pay and coinsurance, as well as a higher monthly premium if dental benefits are included. Medicare beneficiaries can also take out dental insurance from private insurers to help cover the cost of dentures. An estimated 16 percent of Medicare beneficiaries get dental benefits through Medicare Part C plans. These plans may only cover Medicare-approved services, so it is important to check with the plan you are considering if it includes any specific benefits.

Part A can pay for hospitalizations if you need to undergo complicated or emergency dental procedures, even if it doesn't cover dental care. It is also possible to get discounted rates from other sources for dentures or other types of coverage. To get dental benefits that extend to restorative services, such as dentures, you'll have to pay a monthly premium for your Medicare Part C plan. In conclusion, while Original Medicare does not provide coverage for most dental care (including procedures and supplies such as cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other dental devices), there are still options available to help with the cost of dentures.

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