How Long Can Flexible Dentures Last?

Valplast partial dentures are designed to be durable and long-lasting if they are properly cared for. With the right maintenance, a partial denture can last up to five years. However, if it is not taken care of, it can become brittle and harden over time. Valplast dentures can last up to fifteen years or more if they are kept in good condition and regularly checked by a dentist.

Flexible partial dentures are made of softer and more flexible materials than traditional dentures. If a tooth needs to be extracted or a tooth in the partial denture breaks, a new flexible partial denture must be made. The cost of a flexible partial denture that replaces all missing teeth in one arch is higher than one that replaces just one tooth. Flexible partial dentures can be removed at any time and are sometimes used as a temporary replacement before dental implant surgery.

Flexible partial dentures are also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional cast chrome partial dentures because they don't have metal clasps. They sit on the gums and must be removed daily for cleaning and maintenance. Flexible partial dentures are made of high-tech thermoplastic material and no accessories or clips are needed to keep them in place, making them more comfortable and flexible than other removable restorations. The natural dye blends better with a person's natural tissue and surrounding dentition than metal, resin, or porcelain dentures.

The fit of the “tissue side” of the base of the denture (the part that rests directly on the jaws) is an important factor in the stability, retention, comfort and operation of the appliance. If you or your dentist think that you could soon lose more teeth, you should consider a traditional acrylic prosthesis, which can also be called a “transitional partial denture” or “temporary partial denture”.

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