Can Broken Dentures Be Repaired?

If your dentures have broken in half, don't panic! In most cases, they can be repaired without any problems. Your Preston dentist can fix the denture with acrylic, making it look like new. Don't try to repair them with denture repair kits available at pharmacies, as these are only a temporary solution. If the damage is extensive, you may need to get an entirely new pair of dentures.

This decision is usually made during a consultation with a dentist or prosthodontist. If the two sides of the broken dentures fit together perfectly again, they can usually be repaired. However, if smaller pieces of acrylic break and are lost, it becomes a much more difficult repair and you may need to have new dentures made. Dental linings are a type of alteration or repair of the denture.

During this process, the dentist uses a soft putty or gel to fill in the gaps. Then, they send the dentures to a denture lab, where a technician converts the coating into permanent pink acrylic. This eliminates gaps and can dramatically improve the fit and retention of your dentures.If you have suffered from a broken denture, you should visit a prosthodontist as soon as possible. If it's less serious, for example, a tooth has fallen out or there's a small crack, you can fix it at home after a consultation with the dentist.

Quick research has shown that there are multiple ways to break dentures and you could try to fill the sink with water when you brush your teeth, so that if you fall out, they won't be as likely to break.Repairing dentures isn't exactly that easy, but if you follow the instructions and manuals, you can definitely do it. However, repair kits only offer a temporary solution, so broken dentures will need to be given to a dentist or prosthodontist for proper repair. If it's been a while since a professional examined your dentures, contact Elite Dental & Denture PC today.

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