Can Dentures Be Heated and Bent? An Expert's Guide

Dentures are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they can become deformed if exposed to high temperatures. Don't immerse them in hot water, leave them in the car, or expose them to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If your dentures have become deformed due to drying out, soaking them won't miraculously return them to their original fit. Your teeth will be wet again, but will maintain their new shape.Although you can change the shape of your dentures by applying heat to them, this is not recommended.

You may be able to mold hot false teeth; however, you have no guarantee that you will be able to put them back correctly. You're more likely to worsen the deformation rather than improve it. If you expose a denture to an excessive heat source, the denture may begin to mold into a different shape and show signs of deformation.It's best to work with your dentist and hygienist if you need an adjustment. Dentists can make small adjustments in the office while the patient waits.

As we age, the jaw shrinks, which affects the fit of the dentures and causes them to loosen over time. Acrylic dentures can be adjusted using a process called coating, to solve this problem.Flexible prosthesis systems cannot be added with some materials. With Valplast, it is possible to change the coating if approved laboratories are used. Flexible dentures eliminate the problem of displacement due to their excellent flexibility.

They also transmit lower chewing forces to underlying soft tissue, causing less gum pain.If you put your dentures in and you notice that they don't fit properly, the denture plate may have deformed and changed shape. If you need a denture adjustment, schedule an appointment with a general dentist to have it done professionally. Soaking dentures can resolve minor fit problems caused by a lack of moisture on the denture plate.

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