How to Make Your Dentures Fit Better

To make your dentures fit better, visit your dentist or denturist for an adjustment. A dental professional can dilute most of the material in the back of the denture and slightly shorten the acrylic, allowing a greater distance between the end of the denture and the gag reflex trigger point. There are a few ways you can make your dentures fit better. Your dentist can make a new coating for the dentures, or you can find a good dental adhesive that keeps the removable teeth firmly against the gums.

Adjustments usually involve filing dentures to make them fit better. In general, re-lining the base of the dental prosthesis involves re-placing layers based on the impressions in the mouth. It is made of acrylic, waxy or rubbery material. Consider using denture adhesive if your dentures move a little when you talk or eat.

Denture adhesive will not compensate for ill-fitting dentures or those that have lost their shape and fit due to age. You should only use a small amount and be sure to remove it completely at the end of each day. A dental coating involves the dentist adding another layer of material to the base of the denture to help it fit better. The new layer follows the contours of the mouth and the gumline, restoring their original tight fit.

If you need a denture adjustment, schedule an appointment with a general dentist to have it done professionally. You should schedule an appointment if you have trouble eating, if your dentures are slipping, or if you experience discomfort or sores. Your dentist can make the adjustment quickly and restore the function of your dental appliance. If an adjustment can't fix the problem, the dentist may recommend another solution, such as a denture repair, to provide the correct fit.

Choose the right adhesive: Not all denture adhesives are suitable for all denture users. If your dentures slip or feel uncomfortable throughout the day, try changing the adhesive on your denture. The solution can be as simple as swapping a paste for a powder or a gel for a strip. Experiment with different adhesives for a week to see if they help with the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures.

Keep in mind that these products may not work if you have a dry mouth. Saliva acts as a natural adhesive system. Poorly fitting dentures can cause a multitude of oral health problems and affect your overall health. Implant-based dental restorations offer advantages that traditional dentures cannot offer, including a much greater level of stability, both immediately and in the long term.

While this can be done with upper or lower dentures, dentists often use it to stabilize a “floating” lower denture. Your dentist may suggest that you make adjustments to your dentures, depending on the material they are made of. While your dentist took steps to have your dentures made before your teeth were removed, there's still a chance that your dentures won't fit properly. The most common reason for ill-fitting or loose dentures is that the mouth may have changed shape, which is perfectly normal.

Poorly fitting dentures can cause a number of oral health problems, so it's best that you find a solution as soon as possible. Permanent dentures or removable overdentures won't loosen over time like traditional dentures, since the dental implants that hold them offer protection against bone loss that is at the root of that problem. So if you've been fixing yourself with dentures that don't fit well, call Cumberland Surgical Arts to see what Dr. Care for your dentures so that they fit well: The better you take care of them, the better they will fit.

After a few weeks, your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment to check your fit and if any adjustments need to be made. Dentures are customized to the size and shape of your mouth, so when you put them on for the first time they should fit comfortably. Because gums and bones shrink after tooth extraction, the dentist may need to modify the bite to make the dentures fit better, especially if they are loose and rubbing against gums.

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