Can a Denture Be Fixed? A Comprehensive Guide

Dentures are a common dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are made of acrylic, which is strong but not indestructible. Fortunately, broken or chipped dentures can usually be repaired without much difficulty. In some cases, users may need to get an entirely new pair of dentures.

This decision is usually made during a consultation with a dentist or prosthodontist. Today, most dentures are made with acrylic that has been colored to look like gum tissue. This material is strong, but it can still fracture due to the dentures or the pink gum tissue material can crack or break completely. Fortunately, acrylic for dentures is easily and quickly repaired in most cases.

Even if you have completely lost a tooth, a new one can be added to the denture without much problem. Dentures that break in half can usually be repaired as well. Repairing cracked dentures on your own may result in the need for a complete replacement of the denture. For example, if the upper and lower sets of the dentures don't align evenly, you run the risk of putting too much pressure on an area.

While most dentures are removable, there are several types of dentures to choose from, some may be better suited to your lifestyle than others.When your dentures break, you should fix them temporarily with a repair kit and schedule an appointment with your dentist to have them fixed by a professional. As people chew and bite with their dentures, they apply a force that causes microfractures to the denture material. Once you've attached your dentures correctly, keep in mind that they probably won't hold your food very well.In some cases, users can temporarily repair a damaged denture tooth with an over-the-counter repair kit. People can perform temporary denture repairs, but repairs usually only allow the patient enough time until they have a chance to see their dentist.

A professional repair performed by a dentist using acrylic dentures will be the best long-term solution and the most cosmetic.If one or more of the artificial teeth in the denture are chipped or broken, the teeth can be replaced with one of the different sizes and shapes of teeth from the repair kit. Unlike other dental offices that have to send your dentures in for repair, Pro Dental Dallas has an on-site laboratory.For many people, dentures are an integral part of their daily lives, and their oral health can be very different when they are wearing them than when they are not. Yes, in some cases, broken dentures can be repaired. Of course, some repairs will require more work and time than others.

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