The Benefits of Permanent Dentures Over Temporary Dentures

Permanent dentures are thinner than temporary dentures, as the dentist takes an impression that matches the shape and pattern of the teeth. This allows for a custom fit that is more comfortable and secure than temporary dentures. An immediate or temporary denture is a type of removable prosthesis (full or partial) that is inserted into the mouth the same day that the natural teeth were extracted and removed when the permanent dentures are ready for use. However, these dentures have a much shorter lifespan and can cause irritation, infection, or decay if not properly cared for.

Permanent dentures are tailor-made and can last a lifetime unless there are drastic changes in the mouth. The cost of permanent dentures is usually higher than temporary dentures, but they offer more benefits such as greater stability and comfort. Temporary dentures don't fit right, meaning they can easily move around the inside of the mouth. They also don't provide a good solution for those who have had their teeth extracted, as they can cause swelling and make it difficult to put them back on later.

When making the transition to a permanent dental prosthesis, patients should spend enough time in their mouth so that it can heal fully and properly. This will ensure that the permanent dentures fit correctly and provide maximum comfort and stability. Permanent dentures are made for gums that have healed and are no longer expected to change or shrink at a rapid rate. Immediate dentures provide people with a quick solution that allows them to maintain their ability to eat, speak, smile and speak with confidence while they wait to receive their permanent dental prosthesis.

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